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Black and White Photography

Black and White Photography

Saturday 02 March
Maldon - 12pm - 2 Hours
Danny Vigor
Introduction to Black and White Photography. What makes a good Black and White shot?

We will look at the contrast and using textures. How does the camera see the image and how do we create Black and White images in a camera or in post-production. We will look for some good examples and set some exercises.

This is a more advanced course and assumes you understand the basics of photography and controlling your camera.
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Beginners Photography Class

Beginners Photography Class

Sunday 24 March
Gaol Rd, Bendigo - 1pm - 3 Hours
Danny Vigor
Come learn that basics of photography including the exposure triangle and simple composition. Learn to get off 'auto', control the light and make informed decisions to make better images. Meet some likeminded people and have some fun in the process.
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Macro Photography Meetup

Macro Photography Meetup

Sunday 31 March
White Hills, Bendigo - 1pm - 2 Hours
Danny Vigor
Macro photography is a unique form of photography that involves photographing small objects to make them look life-sized or more significant in the photo. The usual subjects include flowers and small insects, which we don't normally get to see up close with the naked eye.

The class will start when the insects are more active. So be ready to explore and capture breathe-taking macro images.
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Bird Photography Meetup

Bird Photography Meetup

Saturday 06 April
Eppalock, VIC - 1pm - 2 Hours
Danny Vigor
Learn how to catch those great bird life images.

During the event, we will be exploring the beautiful habitats in the area and photographing the variety of bird species that reside there.

Whether you are new to bird photography or a seasoned pro, this event is a great opportunity to hone your skills, learn from others, and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals who share your passion for bird photography.
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Come along to our photo sessions to dust off your camera and get snap-happy with a professional photography instructor.

Brush up on your camera skills and learn new photography techniques whilst on a photo walk class with other local keen photographers!

We run two hour photography sessions based on a photography theme/technique/style and they take place in various locations in Bendigo .

  • New to photography? We also run a popular 3 hour Beginners Guide to Photography Class once a month. And once in a while we will run special niche 3 hour classes, for example, Astrophotography - so do subscribe to our newsletter to know when the next on is!

  • Who can attend? Open to all skill levels, from beginners to keen amateurs. The photography instructor is there to help you with camera settings and provide any advice you need.

  • What to bring? We recommend bringing a camera that has full manual mode or semi-manual modes (Aperture or Shutter Priority). Compact cameras and smartphones also welcome!

    The meeting point and full details for the day are sent in the booking confirmation email to the email address you provide at time of booking.

    Join the Bendigo Photography Group on Facebook to share your photos after the session.

    Got a question? Try our FAQ.
    It was fun and answered all the questions I had about bokeh
    Found the event enjoyable and very informative. Learnt a lot about my camera, using manual settings and taking better photos . Would recommend the coarse to others wanting to learn how to get away from auto settings.
    It was very good. Got me inspired to go out and take more photos.

    Danny is an awesome teacher very pleasant and helpful. I finally have an idea of what I'm doing thank you Danny ?
    Danny Vigor
    I have been doing photography since studying it at university. I spent years doing photography while living in Japan and have taught photography for many years.

    Danny Vigor is available for private bookings

    Available on Weekends
    Private tutoring, weddings, portraits, and events.

    Bendigo Photography Group
    Title or Location: The Golden Bridge Vietnam
    The Golden Bridge was opened in 2018 to help promote tourism to Vietnam.
    Credit: Shelljoy-photography
    Instagram: Shelljoy-photography

    Bendigo Photography Group
    Title or Location: Halong Bay Vietnam
    This was sunset in Halong Bay Vietnam.
    Credit: Shell Burbury
    Instagram: @shelljoy_photography
    Bendigo Photography Group
    Title or Location: Lake Tyrrell (Salt Lake) Victoria Australia
    A winter sunset at Lake Tyrrell, Victoria, Australia.
    Credit: Amanda Cooper- Chowanetz

    Bendigo Photography Group
    Title or Location: The Twelve Apostles
    The Twelve Apostles is a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Their proximity to one another has made the site a popular tourist attraction.
    Credit: Shelljoy Photography
    Instagram: @shelljoy_photography

    Bendigo Photography Group
    Title or Location: Bendigo
    Mica sculpture garden. I filled the picture space with the upper branches.
    Credit: Sharon
    Bendigo Photography Group
    Title or Location: Bendigo Conservatory Garden.
    The thought of a close up was irresistable. These flowers were so fresh and new.
    Credit: Sharon

    Syracuse Photography Group
    Title or Location: Upper Antelope Canyon
    Photographing Upper Antelope Canyon was on my 'list'. I'm glad I researched suggestions to get successful photos during the tour. This was shot at ISO800, f4 and 16mm around 3pm local.
    Credit: Marc Gerbsch
    Facebook: marc.gerbsch
    Hartford Photography Group
    Title or Location: Case Mountain, Manchester, CT
    Shot with Canon RP w/ 24-105mm lens with ND1000 filter 30 sec at f8.0 ISO 100. Edited in Lightroom for minor tweaks. Converted the color shot to Black and White and liked that version so much better!
    Credit: Richard D Mitchell, Jr
    Facebook: rdmitchelljr photography
    Instagram: rmitchelljrphotography
    Sunderland Photography Group
    Title or Location: Scarborough
    One of the creative artistic edits of my images. I love to create motion and fluidity in an image to set it apart from the run of the mill shot by creating drama and emotion using my post processing skills.
    Credit: Kenneth Fisher

    Cedar Rapids Photography Group
    Title or Location: North Liberty Iowa
    This was taken with a Nikon D7100 set on on long exposure. Steel wool was in a kitchen wish tied on a string. Lit on fire and spun in a circle.
    Credit: Scott Shrader
    Instagram: Iowaoutdoorsphotos
    Colchester Photography Group
    Title or Location: Essex, UK
    A Gerbera cut flower taken in my lightbox using my Sigma Macro Lens. The gerbera makes such a lovely subject.
    Credit: Richard march
    Facebook: Photography by Richard March
    London Photography Group
    Title or Location: American Kestrel at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy
    First off, I have to say that I am not a "Birder". But I love challenging my photographic skills and abilities. The American Kestrel is not a big bird, and it is fast. So even when you know its takeoff is imminent, it is still hard to get a nice clear photo of the bird. This particular image was shot with a Canon R6 camera, with the RF100-500mm f/4.5-7.1 L IS USM lens at 1/5000 sec, f/7.1 and ISO 4000. I used the animal eye-tracking feature of this mirrorless full frame camera, and was very plea
    Credit: Kevin Rodger
    Facebook: Kevin Rodger
    Instagram: ckrodger

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